Artificial intelligence are the software programs that mimic the way humans learn and solve complex problems. These systems are different from other applications which mainly process transactions and takes decisions which are explicitly programmed. Artificial intelligence is significant because AI will have tremendous potential for vertical applications across industries. AI will contribute to the rapid growth of the healthcare industry. AI will replace static monitors with a new UI/UX interface, mobile phone chips will feature built in AI computing core. The success of AI will depend on the successful integration of hardware and software AI autonomous hearing will be the ultimate goal. Powerful architecture that combines CPU and GPU AR will emerge as AI’s eyes in a complementary and indispensable manner.
AI: what the future holds for Indians next to us?
With the adoption of mobile cloud social media technology, large amount of data has been collected and AI systems need large amount of data for learning and adoption. This may be one reason why they did not take off easily. With the prime minister’s push for digital India and Make in India, significant investments have gone to build eco system on which application can be developed.
Artificial intelligence researchers put up a work’s mind in a Lego body and is reacted to its environment without any programming by only mapping the neurons. At the rate at which AI is being adopted in various areas of our lives, it is predicted that it will replace 16% of our jobs over the next decade. In fact, Facebook is developing an artificial intelligence design to understand user emotions, identify object in photos and predict user actions.


by Upasana Bharti
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