Technology , its uses in the present

We are living in an era of advanced technology. Technology has a huge impact in our daily life. Over the past few years technology has given us some really beneficial and useful resources. It is being helpful to each and every generation. Technology needs to be used in proper way otherwise it will definitely have dramatic harmful effects. It is a well known fact that anything which has a positive side has a negative side too.

Present Era

Technology has helped us in many ways. It’s used in every field of our life ranging from communication , education, interaction, health, development, networking etc. Not only this but, it has made lifestyle easier and more luxurious. The use of technology must be restricted to some extent because it can have harmful effects as well. Children should be monitored by parents and must be made aware about its harmful sides as well.

In today’s world, technology has made it easier for students to gain knowledge . We can get detailed information about any of the topics easily on the internet. Even videos are available to see ,understand and learn interactively and creatively. It has made students advanced and smart since they are able to get more ideas and knowledge and learn more of what they are interested in. It has made easier for students to study from any part of the world through online education. The boundaries of distance can no more stop the students from learning. Students can make visual lessons and presentations easily.

Technology has made a lot of changes in communication.It has made interaction easier and faster.People from different parts of the world can communicate through various social media sites like Facebook, Instagram,Snap-chat. We can avail various facilities like video calls,emails ,voice messages . It has made cultural interaction possible.We can see and experience different cultures sitting at our home through technology. People are becoming part of each other’s culture.However one should be careful enough not to give personal details to complete strangers as they might misuse it .Sometimes cyber crimes occur due to lack of awareness as well.

We all know that “HEALTH IS WEALTH” and its true for all. In the present era technology has made a lot of improvement in the health department. Majority of the devices relying on present technology is used in hospitals, surgical rooms for detecting diseases etc. It has reduced the mistakes done by doctors and has made treatment easier. We also have various applications on our phones which can monitor our heart beat, weight, health issues on daily basis.It is needless to say that internet is the key source of information.We can easily get various information about the disease, its symptoms, its prevention and even the reviews of various hospitals. One can also check the medicines online, buy them easily. We can even check the ingredients of various packed food items to see if it is good for our health or not.

Day by day we come across so many advanced techs in our life. Majority of the home appliances are made automatic like automatic washing machine, AC, refrigerator, television, microwave etc. It has made our life more comfortable and luxurious.Various door locks , security cameras are developed that make home safer. We can even shop from home rather than going to market in annoying traffic. It has made lifestyle more comfortable. We got so many home entertainment appliances.

With the changing lifestyle we have got new methods of payment. Payments have been made easier .We can easily make payment through our smartphones. Applications have been developed like PayTm, Google-Pay, Phone-Pay etc. to assist us in payment through our bank accounts. We can also choose to shop online using our cards.

From the above discussion we can clearly see how technology is affecting us in so many ways. Day by day we are relying more on technology. It is helpful, beneficial to all if used in correct ways. Although it has some disadvantages but with correct implementation we can minimize them. We all know how much we use technology in many form like laptops, smartphones tablets on a daily basis.

by Sandeep Kumar
Branch- Metallurgy
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