The journal to one’s feelings, the tool to reflect and share opinions in a nonchalant yet powerful manner. The blogs got instrumental in our college B.I.T Sindri when it came to show the intellectual prowess of the batch . The knowhow, the presentation and the skill effectiveness to which intent can be aired , words be spread , and the zeal from any one can be shown by his  writings .  Model Club always brings  opportunities to show your hidden talents, to get exposure. Once again we have come up with our most awaited competition “écrivain”. So make it your moment by winning this special prizes , gift coupons and goodies.


The genre of the articles can be enlisted as:
-Data Science
-Artificial Intelligence
-3D Technology
-Computer Technology
-Space and Physics
Or any other “technical” article.
2. Management:
-Business research
Or any other article related to”Management”.
3. History:
-Mythological Science
Or any other article related to “History”.
5 . Medical sciences.
6. Other topics:

Competition is now closed. Thanks for participating.
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Contestants have to write an article of their own choice with minimum word limit of 250 words.

For any further details feel free to contact Model Club Members.

Marking will be done on the basis of minimum plagiarism , minimum grammatical mistakes and word power.

Mail the article in any format at with your name and roll number or give article in any format to Model Club members.

Never forget any rule 🙂