July 4, 2018

Techie Of The Year

“Every big revolution starts as an idea”

Hello Freshers ! 

It’s time to buckle up, show the world what you’ve got and prove your mettle.
Get your grey cells working, your brains triggered. Come up with innovative technical ideas, as for the title “TECHIE OF THE YEAR ’19” is on the line.
Send in your technical ideas and be a part of the amazing journey.

To participate in this battle of innovative ideas, all you need to do is to follow these steps :

1. Inbox your ideas on the page, along with a relevant picture to make your idea clear.
2. Send an image file of your own picture with name, branch, college, roll number along with the idea. 
3. If your idea gets selected and posted, try to grab as many likes as you can.
4. Start preparing a dynamic or a static model on the idea to be presented at our annual techno-management fest of BIT Sindri #Sandhaan_19.

* Ideas need to be authentic. Copied ideas from internet would be disqualified. 
* For more details refer to the posters in your hostels and stay tuned to this page.



*This event is exclusively for  first year students.

Idea Submission for "TECHIE OF THE YEAR '19" is now Open.


Fill this form to participate in “TECHIE OF THE YEAR’ 19”